How is natural medicine different?

The human body is remarkably designed.   It has the ability to heal and rebalance itself if given the proper tools and environment.  Naturopaths seek to help the body to heal itself, by identifying imbalances and barriers to healing, and correcting these using natural, low side-effect treatments like dietary modification, nutritional supplementation and herbal medicine.  Unlike some other forms of medicine, the goal of naturopathy is to identify and treat the cause of the health problem, rather than just ameliorating the presenting symptoms, and to make changes that enable a true restoration of health that improves quality of life.  

Private Health Provider Status

'Thanks' to the federal government's private health insurance reforms, from April 1, health funds are no longer able to provide cover for a range of natural therapies, including naturopathy.  This decision is undergoing a review, but for the time being, naturopathy is not covered. 

Thankfully, I also have separate qualifications in nutrition, and this is a service that some health funds will provide cover for.  Check your policy with your fund, but you may be able to get cover through HBF, Medibank Private, AHM, NIB and a few other minor funds.  



14th May

Thanks to the reopening of schools and general easing of restrictions, I am pleased to report that at this stage, Covid-19 is having no impact on the operation of the clinic.  I am taking face to face appointments on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but am still happy to offer remote consults to those who are unable to get to me (international, interstate, regional), or are self isolating.