A standard consultation consists of a time of questioning regarding presenting complaints, health history and non-invasive physical assessments as required.  Supplements may be suggested as part of the consultation.  The cost of supplements is in addition to consultation fees.


Initial consultation (90 min): $120 
Initial consultations with a client takes a little longer as there is a need to collect more background information and health history.

Repeat consultations (60 min): $85 

Short consultations (30 min): $50 
This consultation type might be appropriate when we are nearing our treatment goals and starting to consider long term maintenance plans  - to top up or tweak your prescription, or to just do a quick progress check.  

I also do consultations remotely over the phone.  The pricing structure is the same.   I am happy to post supplements to you, although postage costs will be added to your invoice.  

As discussed on my home page, I am a registered provider for all funds that provide cover for nutritional consultations.  Please contact me, or check your policy if you're not sure you are covered.  Hopefully naturopathy cover will be restored in time, the decision is currently under review.   

[NOTE:  As I have recently changed clinic addresses, I have needed to get all my provider numbers reissued, and my cover has not yet been restored for all funds - please check with me if your fund has been restored .  This is a short term problem experienced by practitioners of all modalities with changes of clinic address, so I appreciate your understanding and patience]

Payment options

I can accept payment as:
- Cash
- Card (using Square card reader - 2% surcharge)
- Bank transfers (preferred)