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My interest in health, and naturopathy in particular was piqued at an early age, as my mother had chronic health issues, and frequently saw naturopaths, exposing our family to a range of different diets and health regimes.  


After graduating from Rehoboth Christian College in 2005, I enrolled in a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at Curtin University.  I completed the degree with distinction in 2008.  However, not completely satisfied with the mainstream understanding of nutrition, I chose not to join my colleges in the postgraduate diploma in Dietetics but instead enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Science in Naturopathy, which I completed in 2012.  The combination of the two degrees is incredibly helpful.  My study at Curtin gave me a comprehensive understanding of rationale behind mainstream nutritional recommendations and an appreciation and discernment of good quality nutritional research.  However, my naturopathic studies challenged me to consider food and nutrients as medicines, which are not simply about preventing deficiency or chronic disease, but as a tool that can be used to treat.  Food is not simply a combination of different chemical elements, but a wonderfully designed synergistic unit where the whole is superior to the sum of its parts.  I also learnt the need to cater a diet plan to an individual and their health situation, rather than apply a formula or generic government guideline.  In addition to my naturopathic studies enhancing my understanding of nutrition, it also gave me an understanding of herbal medicine, which I value immensely.  During my studies, I was mentored by an experienced naturopath, Helen Maynier, of whom I had been a client for many years.  She trained me in the use of the Vegatest machine.


I am married to Stephen, and we have 4 children - Micaiah, Allegra, Zemirah and Ezra.  We are a committed Christian family and attend Maida Vale Westminster Presbyterian Church.  

If you would like to know more about how my faith affects my practice, see the article on

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BSc (Nutrition) - Curtin University of Technology

BHsc (Naturopathy) - Endeavour College of Natural Health 
mANTA since 2014


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